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Upon completion of this module, the team will be able to:

➔ Manage breakfast and meals
      ◆ Welcome customers with and without reservations (greetings, identification, offering something while waiting, presenting the menu, indicating wait times, asking for names, check room information, table location)
      ◆ Utilize vocabulary related to breakfast (fruits, breads, cheeses, cold cuts, dairy, beverages, buffet stations)
➔ Offer and explain:
      ◆ Breakfast options
      ◆ Drinks and wines (upselling), happy hour
      ◆ Starters
      ◆ Cooking options
      ◆ Food restrictions (diet or allergies)
      ◆ Main courses (chef´s special, recommendations, sides, sizes, dressings, provide alternatives, preparation times, etc.)

➔ Resolve issues and handle interactions
      ◆ Manage dessertss
      ◆ Clear the service
      ◆ Address inquiries and complains using appropriate vocabulary
      ◆ Handle billing and bid farewell

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